Story of Reinhard

reinhard stanjek holding 7 chakra orgonite orgone generator

My name is Reinhard Stanjek and I’m a retired high school teacher who taught for 30 yrs. in Calgary. When I retired in 96, I moved to Richmond and am really pleased to have finally escaped the cold prairie winters.

Have always been interested in health and wellness and when I came across the Reich research several years ago re orgone, it sparked my curiosity. Delving into the research, I discovered that Don Croft had taken the Reich research and brought it up to date when he came up with his orgone generators.

Since we now are constantly bathed in a sea of electromagnetic smog emanating from all the electrical devices modern society employs, and especially coming from cell phone and microwave towers which have blanketed North America in the last few years, I decided to build these orgone devices and help us combat this negative energy which surrounds us. By making them into esthetically pleasing shapes such as cones, pyramids, and employing a variety of colors, I’m hoping that they will find new  homes on people’s computer desks and in their domiciles.

Crafting an orgone generator can take from several hours to an entire day depending on the size and complexity of the form. Each layer is poured separately and must harden before the next one can be added. When it finally is completely cast, it takes at least a couple of days to fully harden before the final finishing touches are done.

Not every pour is successful as too many variables exist over which I have no control, such as temperature, humidity, tiny imperfections in the mold, etc. Each failure adds to the cumulative experience of achieving greater success down the road. I love working with various crystals and thoroughly enjoy crafting these devices in my small work-shed in the back of the townhouse. The quartz crystals I use come from either Brazil (Single Terminate) or Arkansas (Double Terminate). They make wonderful and unique “paper weights” for those who have difficulty with the technical aspects of how they work.

These devices only generate pure life energy, transmuting negative energy into positive and this creates a sense of well-being and health. 

By just having one in the same room, people will in time come to realize that some positive changes have subtly occurred to them. Plants and pets thrive on them as all living things absorb this positive, life-enhancing energy given off by these devices. Each item is built with positive intent and care. I strive to keep my prices reasonable so that more people can access them.