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All our orgonite are limited supply, especially during cold winter times. We do our best to restock them on a weekly basis. We send out notifications when a new batch of orgonite units are available for purchase. 

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An Orgone Generator is not intended for use as a treatment or healing device in the healing, treatment or remedying of any health condition of mind or body, and therefore no claims in this regard are made, expressed or implied. In all cases of illness or ill health, consult a licensed health practitioner of your choice and follow his/her recommendations.

Unfortunately, all our Orgone Generators are hand made by Reinhard, they are one of a kind. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. (Pocket Orgonite excluded)

You can simply email us at [] We will get back to you within a few hours.

All our OGs including pocket OGs base crystals are: Quartz, Selenite, Kyanite, Pyrite, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst. For the pocket OGs specifically… In order to pack these elements into small, portable shape, Reinhard has to crystallize the stones to tiny pieces then pack them into OGs.

Yes we do! All our OGs have Kyanite in them. Most of the kyanite in the market comes from Asia (China), they call them ‘Blue Kyanite’, which is softer. However the Kyanite we use for our OGs comes from Africa, this is a special type of Kyanite, much harder and stronger and has a hard glaze under the sun.

Orgone Related

Orgone energy was discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Reich was born in Austria in 1897. By 1922 he graduated from the University of Vienna as a Doctor of Medicine. During his study for his doctorate, Reich became a pupil of Sigmund Freud. Later he became the clinical assistant at Freud’ Psychoanalytical Clinic. Dr. Reich wrote numerous books on psychology, neurosis, anxiety, etc.

Polyester resin is an organic compound because it’s molecular structure contains carbon. The organic compounds work to attract orgone/life force energy, Prana, Chi, etc. The inorganic is the metal and some crystals, but metal is very important as it is the metal which most strongly activates the cleansing matrix by both attracting and repelling energy. The organic materials simply attract the energy, so without the metals, you have an ineffective and inert piece of resin art. The more layers, the more metal, the more filtration = greater purification of EMFs and other subtle energies!

By simply holding an Orgone device or being near one, negative energy will be cleared from your field, creating a higher, more balanced and healthy state. Orgone and orgonite help you to protect yourself from Deadly Orgone Energy.

By “cornering” your home with Orgone energy devices, you can transmute the Deadly Orgone Energy emitted by electric devices like your washer/dryer and refrigerators, WiFi router, computers, handheld devices and more. Simply place an Orgonite object, such as Orgone pyramids, as close to each corner of your home as possible, as well as near major EMF emitters in your home. These objects are modern adaptations of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s original Orgone Energy Accumulator.

Dr. Reich was discovering the growth patterns of life by tangibly identifying the concept of morphogenetic energy fields that have form- building power. Dr. Reich observed orgone as omnipresent, and the basis of all life processes. He also made this connection by observing the same principle in the in forming of galaxies, as on a cellular or macro- biological level. When Reich revealed his research to Albert Einstein, he exclaimed: “this would be a bombshell to physics.” Dr. Reich was able to apply his earlier research of psychological disorders to the behavior of Orgone. When energy is blocked by traumatic memories, and then stored in the tissues of the body, this can cause muscular tension. He termed this accumulation and blockage: “Armouring.” This stagnate energy becomes “Deadly Orgone Energy.” It is also referred to as “DOR.” Dr. Reich believed that Deadly Orgone Energy was largely responsible for environmental decay, psychological and mental disturbances in life forms, as well as the body’s physical degeneration. Dr Reich discovered the therapeutic use of Orgone’s ability to clear these energetic blockages that exist within the body that would often be associated with major disease or illness.

The powerful healing effects of the crystals are magnified in an Orgone Pyramid. When you add crystals and semi-precious gemstones to the mix, they are electrically charged by the resin, that contracts them. The organic materials absorb the vital energy, organic energy, while the non-organic components disperse it back in all directions. The dor deadly orgone Pyramids follow the exact proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza from Egypt, that makes the device even more powerful due to the por positive orgone pyramid effect.

It is essential to understand that orgonite should not be viewed as a substitute for professional medical treatment or advice.

It’s important to emphasize that any potential benefits experienced from orgonite are not scientifically proven, and individual results may vary. If you are experiencing physical health concerns, we strongly advise you to seek guidance from qualified healthcare professionals.

Always remember that your health is of utmost importance, and proper medical care should never be neglected in favor of alternative practices.

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Reinhard Stanjek has been perfecting the art of creating orgonite for over 18 years, relying on both learning from experts in the field and listening to his own artistic intuition.