When you look at the world around us, you might feel that we live in a world of chaos and destruction. However, there is hope in the world. Many people come together to share their knowledge and to create beautiful things. When you are looking to create a beautiful environment for yourself, one of the things you can do to bring peace into your life is to use orgonite. Orgonite is a material that is created with the use of crystals and resin. You can use orgonite in your home to create a peaceful and loving environment.

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Orgonite (Orgone Generator) is essentially a device that transmutes negative, unbalanced, chaotic energy, which is constantly around us by virtue of the fact that we are being bombarded by electromagnetic (EMF) transmissions from satellites, from Wi-Fi, from cell phone towers, from our TV sets. We can’t get away from it. We’re immersed in energy, which our bodies do not respond to very well.

This is a step by step introduction guide to Orgonite (Orgone Energy), so in order to understand and comprehend how orgonite works, firstly we need to explain what orgone is.

What is Orgone?

The word orgonite actually comes from “orgone“, the name was given by Wilhelm Reich, who was an Austrian doctor and psychoanalyst. Dr. Reich was referring to orgone as life energy, also known as Chi, Prana, and Ether. This vital energy exists everywhere, in a natural way, under many different forms. It can be neutral (OR=orgone), positive (POR=positive orgone energy) or negative (DOR = deadly orgone energy). When positive, it enables living organisms to exist in a healthy state.


(/ˈ ɔːr ɡ oʊ n / ) is a pseudoscientific concept variously described as an esoteric energy or hypothetical universal life force

Dr. Reich did a lot of research on the properties and behaviors of this energy. He built an energy healing device called an orgone accumulator out of alternate layers of metal and organic material. He also observed that OR was able to neutralize nuclear radiation.

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As human beings, we are widely open to energy fields. This means that we cannot shield ourselves completely from our environment. We’re somehow connected to and constantly subjected to the energies in our environment. They affect us whether we are aware of it or not. Therefore it is important to transform any deadly orgone energy (DOR) that comes to us into positive orgone energy (POR).

Discovery of Orgone Theory

Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of orgone energy began with his research of a physical bio-energy basis for Sigmund Freud‘s theories of neurosis in humans. Wilhelm Reich believed that traumatic experiences blocked the natural flow of life-energy in the body (also known as energy blocks), leading to physical and mental disease.


Wilhelm Reich concluded that the libidinal-energy that Freud discussed was the primordial-energy of life itself, connected to more than just sexuality. Orgone was everywhere and Reich measured this energy-in-motion over the surface of the earth. He even determined that its motion affected weather formation.

Soon after Reich arrived in the United States – by which time his former psychoanalytic colleagues were questioning his sanity – Reich invented the Orgone Energy Accumulator, a wooden cupboard about the size of a telephone booth, lined with metal and insulated with steel wool.

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He claimed that it could charge up the body with the life force that circulated in the atmosphere and which he christened “orgone energy”; in concentrated form, these mysterious currents could not only help dissolve repressions but treat cancer, radiation sickness and a host of minor ailments. As he saw it, the box’s organic material absorbed orgone energy, and the metal lining stopped it from escaping, acting as a “greenhouse” and, supposedly, causing a noticeable rise in temperature in the box.

The Birth of Orgonite

Karl Hans Welz created the very first orgonite unit back in the 1990s, and he was the first person to call it “orgonite”. Reich named his invention orgone (or orgone energy). The first orgonite that was created had a mixture of powdered metal powder and quartz crystal in resin.

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Don Croft modified Welz’s formulation in the 2000s by adding metal shavings and quartz crystal, instead of fine metal powders, which had a profound effect and power. Here was what Croft had to say about the his research and study:


“My daughter, Nora, was living with me at the time and was helping me configure my energy devices by watching the subtle energy. When I cast metal shavings in a cup of mixed epoxy it became apparent that this was a ‘step above’ orgone accumulator. When I held the orgonite behind a crystal and directed energy, as we had been doing without orgonite in experiments, the energy was very strong, easily felt by just about anyone.” – Done Croft

Don Croft took Wilhelm Reich’s research to an entirely new level. Orgonite was not just invented by him, but he also brought it to a wider audience and spread the word. Orgonite has many new applications, including disabling death towers, healing the environment, fighting chemtrails effectively, and even healing the body’s energy.

The Power of Crystals & Metals

Crystals are used in all computers, in all telecommunications. Our civilization could not exist without the use of crystals is crystalline based, silicon-based. So what simply happens is that the negative energies are attracted by the resin, which is an organic compound. It attracts the energies and because we have metal inside, the metal immediately repels it’s so now we have attraction, repulsion at very high frequencies, which is, which is unbalanced, which is chaotic, and you want to change that


Because the crystals, various crystals are inside, their crystals have the ability to transmute this chaotic, unbalanced energy, smooth it out, send it out as balance, positive healing, energy, and all plants, all animals, all living things respond to this good energy. It wants more of this energy because we have so much of the negative energy. So if you come into a source that gives you balanced positive energy, it wants more of that. And that’s why a dying plant will absorb this energy and use it to heal itself

What’s Inside of Orgonite?

Inside of orgonite, is a mixture of resin, metals, and quartz crystal(s). The combination of these three unique materials produces a high-energy, self-empowering, self-cleansing healing device.

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Some people also add a couple of crystals to the mixture for their ability to make the energy more coherent or to enhance the working of the orgonite. Thus orgonite basically is a substance that functions as a self-driven, continuously-operating, highly efficient energy transmutation device, drawing in negative life energy and transmuting it into positive energy.

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The resin in orgonite shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the quartz crystal inside which creates a well-known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal, meaning its end-points become polarized electrically, this apparently causes it to function more effectively as a positive energy generator. Although crystals improve the function of orgonite, they are not necessary for the orgonite to work.

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An orgone generator doesn’t many things at the basic level. And then we can add our good intentions while we’re making it. And it’s packaged up in a neat, nice little aesthetically pleasing shape and form. And we can take it with us. We can have it in our pocket, we can have it in our living spaces. And we know that it’s going to do good things, never negative or bad things

How Orgone Generator Works

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Polyester resin is an organic compound because it’s molecular structure contains carbon – so Carbon is the identifier of what is considered “organic” in this equation. Some, but not all crystals contain carbon, so they too are organic. The organic compounds work to attract orgone/life force energy, Prana, Chi, etc.

The inorganic is the metal and some crystals, but metal is very important as it is the metal which most strongly activates the cleansing matrix by both attracting and repelling energy. The organic materials simply attract the energy, so without the metals, you have an ineffective and inert piece of resin art. The more layers, the more metal, the more filtration = greater purification of EMFs and other subtle energies!

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Orgonite Benefits & Uses

  • Increase spiritual awakening
  • Enhance meditation experience
  • Acts as a powerful healing tool for people and pets
  • Helps to dispel chemtrails
  • Aligns the chakras
  • Improved relationships
  • Helps neutralize harmful frequencies in the environment
  • Promotes a positive attitude and helps to keep you from getting sick
  • Reduced hyperactivity and improved cooperation in children.
  • Promotes plant growth
  • Reduced negative effects from electromagnetic pollution, including ELF, computers, and fluorescent lights.
  • Eliminates negative energies
  • Aligns the chakras
  • Promotes a positive attitude and helps to keep you from getting sick
  • Reduced hyperactivity and improved cooperation in children.
  • Reduced negative effects from electromagnetic pollution, including ELF, computers, and fluorescent lights.
  • Neutralizing long-standing negative energies of all types within 1/4 to 1/2 mile.

The fact that we make it in pyramid shapes is just that people like the pyramid shape because they know about the Giza pyramid and they know about the special effects that pyramids have. They’ve been around much longer than know. They’ve been around for thousands and thousands of years. And every year they’re discovering more and more pyramids scattered around the world.

Egyptian pyramid powerful energy structure

Many of them are buried. They’re not even on the surface. They start digging them out. They’re huge, bigger, even bigger pyramids than the Giza pyramids in Egypt. And we’re just discovering that now in the last 20, 30 years. But they’ve been around with us for a long, long time because they’re energy generators. I think from a planetary point of view that they have the ability to have these pyramids placed strategically all around the globe. I think as generating energies, they have a much more powerful effect on our entire globe

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Orgonite is more than just a material, it’s a whole range of products that have been made by people all around the world. Each piece is made with positive intentions, and when you’ve made these products with positive intentions, the energy of the person who made the piece is also imbued into it.  This is why when you use orgonite, you can be sure of the energy you’re putting out to the world.

Where to Put Your Orgone Generator

  • Near electric devices like cell phone, wifi router, computer, laptop, monitor, TV or smart meter around your palce, and remember these high tech eletrocnic devices produce deadly orgone (aka DOR) that produce harmful EMF frequencies.
  • Bury some in your garden. You’ll be suprised that plants really like orgone energy, they thrive on this energy, so place a few orgnoite under your garden solid could be a wonder ideal to promote plants growth.
  • In your bedroom, near the bed for higher sleep quality and more vivide dreams that you may forget easily upon waking up in the morning.
  • In the neighborhood – place orgonite (orgone generate) near your local region where wildlife such as birds and wild animals are present.
  • In your bathroom. You may want to put an orgnite piece in your bath tub and enjoy a hot bath with orgone energy.
  • Near drinking water. Orgonite will help in restructuring the energies of water.
  • In or near a car. You can put orgonite in the glove box, and one in the trunk close to the gas tank.
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Orgone Energy Experimentation

Over the past decade, there have been many experiments with orgonite (orgone energy). Many people claimed that orgonite (orgone energy) has enhanced their physical and spiritual enlightening. One of the experiences is based on water dowsing technically that can accurately measure a person’s energy field before and after having orgonite around them.

Here is another experiment that bio energy expert using their device to test out how powerful Orgonite can be:

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