Today, “orgone” is the term synonymous to omnipresent, and positive life energy. A discovery and research that holds the answer to a healthy and blissful life.

A spiritual concept to most and a universal life, which was hypothetical to many – Orgone came into being in the year 1930 by Dr. Wilhelm Reich and later it was developed by one of the brightest students of Dr. Reich, Charles Kelly.

You must be wondering why we are giving you a history lesson on Orgone. To understand the true concept of Orgone, it is important to understand how it came into being and the reason Charles Kelly believed in it.

Before we tell you why Orgone is the need of the hour, let us quickly take a peek in the past and know everything that is important. Let us begin.

Orgone – All you should know!

As mentioned before, Orgone was researched by the Austrian psychiatrist, Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the early half of the twentieth century. The devices that you see today are all built on Dr. Dr. Reich’s findings.

Dr. Reich served in World War I and studied medicine. He spent the early days of his career as one of the favored members of the inner circle of Freud. He was fascinated by the benefits of orgasm and he worked on the notion of Freud on libido.

He came up with a theory of psychosexual politics. This theory was explained in two books – “The Sexual Revolution,” and “The Mass Psychology of Fascism.” These books espoused sexual freedom and was presented as the vital factor to prevent societal dysfunction. This is how he kick started his work and ultimately lead to one of the greatest researches of his life – the Orgone.


Dr. Reich stated that if there is a deficit in our bodily orgone, we can get diseases. As its popularity grew, Dr. Reich created special accumulators of Orgone, which can collect as well as store orgone energy and can improve health and even control the weather.

Today, the esteemed “Institute for Orgonomic Science” located in New York continues working on Dr. Reich’s work. It publishes digital journals as well as collects corresponding works on it.

Orgone: The life-force, chi, and prana

When Dr. Wilhelm discovered orgone energy, he claimed to have discovered a cosmic life energy! He believed it was an omnipresent and spiritual energy that was just too subtle for anything or anybody to measure it with regular instruments. Dr. Reich told the world the properties of orgone. Here are they:

  • Orgone is accumulated or collected naturally in every living organism through their skin, breathing, and ingesting foods.
  • Orgone is attracted to water and has a very strong affinity to it.
  • It is measurable, observable, and it pulsates as well.
  • Orgone penetrates every matter, but it penetrates different matter at different speeds.
  • Orgone is mass free and is a cosmic energy and is the primordial energy as well.
  • It is everywhere and fills every space.
  • Orgone is attracted by every organic material and they hold the energy of orgone.
  • Orgone is also attracted by every non-organic metal material and then repels it fast.

What is orgonite?

The orgone energy generators known as orgonites are based on two principles; it’s a mix of resin, which is organic because it is based on the petrochemicals, and metal shavings, which is inorganic.

Further, a quartz channel is included inside the matrix of orgonite. The orgonite works by absorbing the energy, which is out of balance, into the orgonite. The orgonite absorbs the out of balance energy with the help of the mix of metal and resin. The orgonite then brings back the energy as a vibrant and healthy energy with the help of the embedded crystal!

This is the basic mechanism of the orgonite. It is time we quickly glance on the benefits of orgonite.

The benefits – Why you need an orgonite?

Remember, the orgonite has many beneficial effects, which will differ from one person to another. You may feel the flow of energy in you straight away or you may feel the cumulative effects in you! Usually, people feel the energy as a warm and tingling sensation.

Here are some of the most reported and common positive effects of the orgonite.

  • Increased immunity to sickness and illness
  • Psychological and spiritual growth
  • Balanced moods
  • More energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Vivid positive dreams

Where orgonite is used?

Looking at the benefits of the orgonite, it is pretty clear the primary purpose of it is to attract and collect positive energies. This proves that the orgonite is primarily used to attract positive energy and improve one’s life. However, there are many related uses too, which are quite popular.

The majority of users of orgonite use it to strengthen and balance the energetic field around them. Further they use it to provide protection and safety against EMFs. Here are some of the most common uses of the Orgone generators:

  • Strengthen visualizations and intentions
  • Remove the negative energy that occupies a particular place
  • Boost and help plant growth
  • Deepen medication

Beware of unbalanced orgone energy!

Just like the way orgone can exist in your world in a healthy form, it can also be in a dangerous and stagnant form. In the community of orgonite, it is differentiated as positive orgone (POR) and deadly orgone (DOR). In feng-shui the DOR or deadly orgone is called stagnant qi.

The stagnant energies are caused by the modern technologies in most cases, which pollute the environment and emit EMF. Therefore, for people who are suffering from the negative energy, should use the positive effects of orgonite.

If a person is surrounded by the stagnant orgone, he or she will falling sick and the chances of getting chronic medical conditions also becomes higher. The increase of incurable and chronic diseases that we see in our society and surroundings are due to the imbalanced energy.

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Last words!

The spiritual concept is described by many as a spiritual concept for its benefits and impact on anybody’s life. Orgone is considered as an omnipresent and massless substance associated closely with the living energy. It is capable of creating organization on every scale, from the tiniest microscopic units to macroscopic bodies or entities such as clouds, organisms, or galaxies!

If you are suffering from all the negativity that prevails in our society, homes, and surroundings, you should consider “Organise-ing” your life and then you will see how beautiful our world is!

About the Creator

Reinhard Stanjek has been perfecting the art of creating orgonite for over 17 years, relying on both learning from experts in the field and listening to his own artistic intuition.
He is repeatedly fascinated by the way that spirit moves through these pieces and creates anomalies in his original design, only to find these occurances often enhance their energy output dramatically.
Throughout the years, Reinhard has “gifted” our planet with 1000’s of OG’s. He focuses mainly on balancing the effects of cell phone towers and other disruptive frequencies.
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