Polished Black Tourmaline Point ascension tools
Polished Black Tourmaline Point ascension tools
Polished Black Tourmaline Point ascension tools
Polished Black Tourmaline Point ascension tools
Polished Black Tourmaline Point physical photo

Polished Black Tourmaline Point


Size: w 4.3 x h 9.3 cm

Weight: 0.19 kg

Origin: Brazil

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What is Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline is considered a powerful stone for cleansing, protection, and transformation. As a grounding stone, it is associated with the base chakra or root chakra.
It absorbs dense energies and directs them toward the earth to be transmuted. Similar to Shungite, black tourmaline also keeps the environment energetically clean and neutralizes electromagnetic fields (EMF). Compared to Shungite, it is a much harder crystal and it maintains a glossy appearance long-term.
Black tourmaline is often used as an aura cleanser and can help one attain higher levels of awareness.
It is excellent for dispelling fears and repetitive thoughts, bringing emotional stability.

Polished Black Tourmaline Point physical photo

Benefits of Black Tourmaline

Some benefits of Black Tourmaline include:
  • Blocking electromagnetic fields emitted from electronic devices such as cellphones, wifi routers, computer monitors, etc.
  • A strong grounding force that also assists with anxiety
  • Helps to balance root chakra and promotes a feeling of confidence
Physically and emotionally, black tourmaline is a powerful stone to have around.
Its grounding properties also help to release negative vibrations within your energy field caused by anxiety. This stone can assist you in gaining greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

Polished Black Tourmaline Point ascension tools

How to Use Black Tourmaline

  • Wear it as jewelry: Just like other crystals or stones, black tourmaline is also available as pendants or bracelets.
  • Meditate with black tourmaline crystal: The stone can be placed on your body or near you while you meditate.
  • Carry it in your bag: Wherever you go, you can benefit from black tourmaline’s healing properties by carrying a small piece with you in your pocket.
  • Place it near EMF sources: The stone can be placed near electronic devices, such as microwaves and Wi-Fi routers, to shield them from electromagnetic fields (EMF).
  • Stress and anxiety: Holding a black tourmaline stone may help to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Display Black Tourmaline in your home: Putting a sphere or a pyramid near your bed will help you relax and sleep better.
[Astrological Signs of Cancer, Libra, & Scopio]
Chakra: Root Chakra 
: Brazil
: Black

*Disclaimer: We do not recommend using crystals as a substitute for conventional medical or psychological treatment and do not claim they cure or heal medical conditions. Please always listen to the advice of your medical professional and only use crystals as complementary therapy in addition to medical treatment.

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