Black Obsidian Aura Rainbow Crystal Point
Black Obsidian Aura Rainbow Crystal Point
Black Obsidian Aura Rainbow Crystal Point
Black Obsidian Aura Rainbow Crystal Point

Black Obsidian Aura Rainbow Crystal Point


Size: w 7 x h 9 cm

Weight: 0.3g

You’ll get 1 piece

Origin: Brazil

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Black Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that has been used for centuries by various cultures for its powerful metaphysical properties. It is formed when lava cools quickly, leaving behind a smooth, glassy texture. Black Obsidian is known for its ability to provide grounding and protection, making it a popular choice among spiritual practitioners and healers.

The Story of Black Obsidian

In ancient times, Black Obsidian was often used for making tools and weapons due to its sharp edges and durability. Today, it is primarily used for its healing properties, which are said to include releasing negative energy, promoting emotional healing, and providing psychic protection.
Many people believe that Black Obsidian is especially effective for those who struggle with negative thought patterns or emotions. It is thought to absorb negative energy from the environment and transmute it into positive energy. Additionally, Black Obsidian is said to promote mental clarity, enhance intuition, and support spiritual growth.

The Benefits of Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is believed to have a variety of benefits for both physical and emotional wellness. Some of the potential benefits include:
  • Grounding and protective energy: Black Obsidian is said to have a grounding energy that can help protect against negative energies and entities.
  • Emotional healing: It’s believed that Black Obsidian can help release negative emotions and trauma, allowing for emotional healing and balance.
  • Spiritual growth: Black Obsidian is also associated with spiritual growth and development, helping to connect one with their inner self and higher consciousness.
  • Cleansing and purifying: It’s said that Black Obsidian can help purify and cleanse one’s energy field and aura, removing any blockages or negative energies.
  • Physical healing: Some believe that Black Obsidian can aid in physical healing by helping to release tension and promoting circulation.

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